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9 Best Air Purifiers Under $100

Whether it is your room or that of your baby, you need an air purifier, which will help you save a lot of money. Many people live an upstate life but spend thousands of dollars each year treating preventable respiratory infections. What you do not know is you can now get the best air purifier under $100, which will be the end of your several visits to your doctor.

Nonetheless, some may wonder, just how effective is a purifier under $100 with a HEPA filter. For your information, the effectiveness of air purifiers under $100 is truly immeasurable.

Best Air Purifier Under 100 Dollars- Comparison Table

PictureBest Air Purifiers Under 100Coverage AreaRating [/5]
best air purifier for 100 dollarsPure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier200 square feet4.7
best air purifier under 100LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Allergies and Pets Hair Smokers in Bedroom219 square feet4.7
best air purifier for under 100 dollarsGerm Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier153 square feet4.6

In this write-up, I want to share with you some of the cheap air purifiers that you can consider. These top air purifiers under $100 are not overrated. I have done a candid research to unearth what many users say about them. May their experience motivate you. Finally, I will also take you through some of the important factors to look for when purchasing inexpensive air purifiers.

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Top 9 Best Air Purifiers Under $100

As you start to analyze each of the following good cheap air purifiers, be keen to look at standing out features. At the very least, each of the cheap air cleaners has something that stands out. Although you may need to factor in other features, your work will be to study each of them.

1. LEVOIT LV-H132 Affordable HEPA Air Purifier

best air purifier under 100

I’m sure you will love this California-made air cleaner with a true HEPA filter. One of the most important things you need to know about Levoit air purifier is it is 100% ozone-free! Click here to see today’s price on Amazon. 


  • This is also one of the cheapest yet high-end air cleaners in the market. LEVOIT LV-H132 comes with a highly secured 3-stage HEPA filtration system. The filtration system does not emulate what other cheap purifiers have. In fact, Levoit air purifier adopts a unique strategy – pre-filter, which is followed by a true HEPA filter, then finally, a carbon activated filter.
  • It is also known to be one of the most silent top air purifiers today.
  • Comes with affordable filter replacement and other parts.


  • Purifies air faster.
  • Affordable replacement filters.
  • With 3-stage air purification comes with clean air guarantee.
  • Very quiet to use at night.
  • The LED light does not disturb. It is gentle to the eye.
  • Ideal for any medium sized rooms.
  • Lifetime support from the manufacturer.


  • Only one smart sensor.
  • The bright indicator might be disturbing.

2. Pure Enrichment 3 in 1 True HEPA Inexpensive Air Purifier

best affordable hepa air purifier

The air cleaner comes with a completely quiet feature, making it ideal for baby rooms, seniors and those asleep. I personally love it because of its ability to destroy viruses, germs, and other microorganisms from the house. It does this thanks to its UV-C feature. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon. 


  • Pure Enrichment 3 in 1 PureZone is fitted with a noise lever that does not exceed 30dB. Using this ingenious ability, this best inexpensive air purifier quietly cleans the air inside a room, leaving your baby sound asleep.
  • Quite easy to set it up, making it extremely hustle-free when using it.
  • This best air purifier under $100 comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. With this, you are sure to get attention within the first 5 years of your purchase.
  • The package comes with a user’s manual for easy assembly.
  • Capable of cleaning and removing up to 99.97% of household odors, mold spores, pet dander, and smoke.


  • It is very quiet.
  • Comes with the ability to kill germs, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms, leaving your family free from germs.
  • Nice design.
  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Excellent air cleaning thanks to the 3-in-1 purification system.
  • The automatic timer is excellent in helping you schedule air cleaning and purification inside your house.
  • You will save money and the machine because the indicator will warn when it is time to change the filter.


  • It is small and only works better in small units.

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3. PARTU Most Silent Budget Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier for Smoke Under $100

PARTU air cleaner posses itself as the ‘most silent’ air purifier in the market for a good reason. At least, you need to purchase this cheap air cleaner for you to confirm. You will love it. Besides, PARTU is FDA, FCC, ETL, and Carb approved. Click here to see latest price on Amazon. 


  • This best air purifier for smoke under $100 comes with a noise level of 25dB. So far, this makes PARTU one of the best air purifiers under $100 with the lowest noise level.
  • Ideal for removing allergens, pet dander, smoke, household odors from the house and many other unwanted germs.
  • Has a CADR of 104m3/hr.
  • PARTU has a staggering 4-stage air cleaning system. This is a plus.
  • It is 100% ozone-free.


  • Very very silent.
  • Kills nearly 100% of all household germs.
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized rooms.
  • Nice bright LED colors that are customizable.
  • Elevated air purification above other top air purifiers.
  • Does not release any ozone to the room.


  • Not a good color and design.
  • May emit some noise when the fan is at its highest speed.

4. VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Complete Tower Air Purifier

 best air purifier under 100 dollars

It is easy to pick VEVA 8000 Elite Pro from a group of the best hepa air purifiers under $100 because of its unique design. The air cleaner comes with a sturdy tower-like design. With this, you will find it easy to store the cleaner. Click here to see latest price on Amazon. 


  • VEVA 8000 Elite Pro is fitted with 3 carbon-activated filters that make it easy to clean the air inside your home or office. This premium 3-stage hepa filtration system is responsible for removing cooking odor, pet smell, and cigarette smoke among other unwanted odors.
  • The air cleaner comes with affordable spare parts. Starting with the 4 carbon activated filters, you can get the machine’s replacement parts with ease.
  • VEVA 8000 Elite Pro is safe to place in the office and in the house. The unit measures 9” by 8” by 23”. With this height, it conveniently fits at the corner of the office or house.
  • Ideal for rooms measuring 325 square feet but can work on larger rooms.


  • It is quiet when on.
  • Excellent design.
  • Easy to store.
  • Removes smoke, bad odors, and ideal for cigar smokers.
  • Does not create or release any ozone.
  • Kid and pet-friendly. See our reviews for air purifier for baby room.
  • Easy to maintain and cheap to replace filters.


  • Branded replaceable filters do not last for long.

5. GENIANI Home Air Cleaner with True HEPA Filtration

air purifiers under $100

GENIANI Home Air Cleaner stands out as the best affordable hepa air purifier that clears nearly all unwanted odors from the house. This machine is famed for eliminating wild fire smoke, cigar smoke, allergies, mold, pet smell, and dust among other things. Click here to see latest price on Amazon.


  • This home cleaning appliance removes germs and bacterial thanks to its HEPA filtration ability.
  • GENIANI Home Air Cleaner’s HEPA filter is ARB certified thus you do not have to worry about the machine’s quality.
  • Comes with a night light in case you want to use it at night when the lights are off.
  • Designed with the ability to clean and purify the air in the house using a sophisticated 3-speed level.
  • GENIANI Home Air Cleaner is known to be one of the silent-operating best air purifier for smoke under $100 today.


  • Excellent design.
  • Very efficient especially working on normal conditions.
  • Cleans up to 99.97% of the air in the house.
  • Removes all sorts of odor including cigarette smoke.
  • Kid-friendly.
  • Ideal for people living with asthma and allergies.
  • Quiet when on.
  • The night light does not disturb.


  • The machine makes noise when at its highest speed.

6. Enther Home Air Purifier for Large Room

best inexpensive air purifier

With a branded name on the side, Enther Home Air Purifier boasts itself as one of the beautifully designed best affordable air purifiers for large rooms. Besides, this home cleaning appliance cleans the room without leaving behind any trace of ozone. In short, Enther Home Air Purifier is 100% ozone–free. Click here to see latest price on Amazon. 


  • Enther Home Air Purifier features a premium 3-stage filtration technology that allows for a cleaner room.
  • The machine is responsible for removing nearly a hundred percent of all bad odors, pet dander, allergens, smoke, pollen, and dust among others.
  • Enther Home Air Purifier has an auto mode, which you can use to schedule the machine to do cleaning even when nobody is home.
  • Fitted with an air quality monitor that alerts you the kind of air insider the room.
  • Comes with a night light that allows you to set a night mode that does not disturb in the event you need to clean the air in the room while people are sleeping.
  • Ideal for large rooms that measure 375 square feet.
  • 3-stage speed regulator for efficient cleaning.


  • Inexpensive air purifier.
  • Saves time – you do not have to be present for the machine to clean the house.
  • Very silent.
  • The night light does not disturb anybody in the house when asleep.
  • Can clean larger rooms that measure more than 375 sq ft.
  • Very light.
  • The air quality detector is a plus because with this best budget air purifier, you cannot live in an unsafe room.


  • It is noisy at its highest speed.
  • Emits some unfavorable heat when running.

7. GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier with UV-C Sanitizer

best air purifier under 100

What comes into your mind when you hear GermGuardian AC4825? Whatever it is, this is one of the reputable air purifiers with true HEPA filter in the world today. Although the newer version of this air cleaner has recently been listed above $100, the little you can add is worth it. Click here to see latest price on Amazon. 


  • With a reputable 3-stage filtration mode, GermGuardian AC4825 has the ability to clean all household dirt up to 0.3 microns. See our reviews for best Honeywell air Purifier.
  • It is built with an excellent ability to clean mold, spores, pet dander, smoke, wildfire smoke, kitchen odor, and plant pollen among other unwanted things from the house.
  • The UV-C, together with Titanium Dioxide goes a long way in preventing, reducing, and even removing several airborne bacteria. Some of the stubborn elements this machine deals with include mold spores, germs, certain viruses, and dozens of microorganisms.
  • Has a filter replacement alert, which tells you when it is time to change your filtration component.
  • Fitted with a 6-inch smoke cord eliminator.


  • Saves you money by alerting you when it is the right time to replace the filter.
  • Removes and kills all harmful bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Very safe to use even with smokers in the house.
  • You should not worry about electricity because the machine is economical and energy and AHAM certified.


  • Does not work in large rooms.
  • It is heavy.

8. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen-Reducing Air Purifier

best air purifier under $100

There is no doubt you will love Hamilton Beach TrueAir cleaner because for now, it is the most affordable air purifier. Besides, Hamilton Beach is quiet even when functioning in its optimum speed. Click here to see latest price on Amazon. 


  • Comes with a permanent HEPA filter.
  • The air cleaner has the ability to reduce allergens and other germs.
  • Works best in rooms with approximately 160 square feet.
  • Hamilton Beach has a premium 3-fan speed, meaning it can achieve the highest air quality.
  • No need to buy filter replacements.


  • Ultra quiet.
  • Helps you save a lot of money because you do not buy any replacement filters.
  • Cleaning of the filter is easy and fast.
  • Compact design.
  • HEPA filter is vacuum-friendly.
  • Perfect when used in bedrooms.
  • The machine is good at reducing and even removing allergens.


  • Does not get rid of all the dust.
  • Not the best fit if you have a large room.

What To Look For In A Air Purifier Under $100

You are on budget, right? The good news is you can now find the best inexpensive air purifier for your home or office. Nonetheless, you must look at some important things before you spend that hard-earned cash. Look at these 5 important features and how they matter a lot:

  • HEPA Filter

No doubt that air purifiers with HEPA filtration have infiltrated the market for a good reason. Air purifier with High-Efficiency Particulate Absorber/Air (HEPA) tends to clean the air to completion inside the room.

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), these filters meet energy standards thus are safe and effective to use in homes and offices.

  • Budget Replacement Filters

This is very important for those who look at the future. It is needless to buy a cheap air cleaner but be forced to buy expensive replacement filters every 3 months. Prudent users even look for best air purifiers under $100 that do not require any filter replacement.

  • Coverage Area

Some cheap air purifiers can hardly clean a 100 square feet room. If you have a big house, with several rooms, you need to think of air purifier that will cover a large area. Do not deceive yourself; there are good cheap air purifiers that have the ability to clean up to 500 square feet.

  • Long Warranty

Do you care what the warranty of the product is? Well, it is important to care about this. When a company gives a long warranty, let’s say 10+ years, it shows its commitment to chip in if your machine develops a technical problem.

Speaking of long warranty, I’d advise you look at the terms. Some manufacturers can actually give you a lifetime warranty on something they are sure will never happen or impose strict regulations. Therefore, be weary of the terms and conditions of the warranty.

  • Clean Air Delivery Rate

Usually called CADR, this is a measure to show the level at which your air purifier can clean the air. Here is the secret: get yourself an air purifier with a CADR of 350 and above. On top of this, go for machines with true HEPA filters. With these two, you and the whole family are safe.


Your life and that of your family is important. You can decide to spend a lot of money visiting your doctor each month of your life or save lots of money on the same period. The secret for a healthy life, free from preventable diseases is to invest in the best air purifier under $100. As you have seen, you can find quite a lot of these machines. The choice is now yours. But, remember: if you make a good decision, you safe your family and vice versa.